Hobby Parade

Alright people, so you hv decided to take some interest n waste ur time to see my favorite hobby :)
well, dats very nice indeed...and its not dat im unhappy, but its just dat i cant imagine of all u people seeing my boring stuffs dat people would usually say 'oh dude, this is boring' and will left some unmotivated comments n dislikes ( if only i provided the dislike button, heh~ ==, ) and dude, i am so gratefully appreciate n thankful for dividing ur priceless time n attention to visit my not so interesting stuffs... =w=

hahah~ lulz .. anyways,
enuff of this idiocacy n lets get to the real deal shall we?
n for ur info...this Hobby parade of mine is seperated into various sections ~

                                                   Gundam Heaven                                                      

well, for the main n most major part of it is 'Gundam'
ok? Gundam .. so, none of u hv heared it? great.. makes me wanna scrncapture ur facebook profile n blackmail it to some random ugly guys n gals.. u know, i hv lotso interesting acquaintances dat u might actually hate or like to fall in luv with...heehee~~ ==, y

for 2nd part, its solely for anime.. and i confirmed dat 78% life form on Earth have watched anime for sure, err... isn it? ==" .. duh~ anyway,im not gonna share the whole series or title in this section, i jus gonna review some of my favorite or at least, some of the PVs i make by myself, so check it out~ =^w^=

 so.. for the 3rd part is all about photography.. uhh, no.. not the specs n accesories, not gadgets n technical stuffs.. jus some unique n interesting moment i captured within my shutter.. purposely to show my love towards photography n the art of the lens, original and non-edited guaranteed~

 and lastly, hmmm... well, a bit of LOL stuff goin on in my facebook~ xP not so many, but...
u know dat, i love to scrnshot funny dialogues n links dat might gonna make u burst with laughter or dumbfound by the stupidity of worldwide facebookers~ lulz.. but i shall keep the anonymous's identity secluded even so i 'snatch' the dialogue widout permission n extreme prejudice.. grahahahha!! >:D