as for introduction, im jus gonna make this a short one.. as u can see, im a Gundam fanatic, n i only collect the original and worthy to be displayed.. well, its not dat i cant collect em all, but rather.. im jus too picky n i jus cant resist the "limited edition" tags on display.. =.="

anyways.. so far, i did my best to apply clean builds, smooth decals n also mod joints.. but im not satisfied yet, when i got a 1/60 scale kit, im gonna apply LED light display to make my ultimate display set!!! phew~ hehe.. ==,

such a magnificent dreams isnt it, but im sure.. i will get it done, n prove it to u soon.. once i uploaded it, i'll share every bits of excitement n all kinds of messed up probs i went to create this masterpiece~ perrhhh..

Ok, so here it is.. u may click on the link below the pic n browse all my photographed snapshots of my various collections.. u may also leave ur comments n opinions regarding the kit, any suggestions r highly appreciated, thank you! ^^

HG 1/144 scale - Astray Green Frame

MG 1/100 scale - RX-0 Unicorn Mode

HG 1/144 scale - Blue Destiny Unit 02

MG 1/100 scale - Crossbone X1 Full-Cloth

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode