(I have returned)

So here I am, from a long and frightful journey. I have finally returned. No, im not dead yet. its just so many things has happened back then. But i didnt quit yet, I have to write down every single experience i had, just to share how harsh life can be. But life is not all that cruel. Its just that it can come with a high price, with small returning value but in a long run. If u study macro econmy and stuffs like that, u would probably understand.. i guess..? And no, that bike and that hero in the picture is not me. I am just a very normal person right now.. I dun have any intention to get a superhero operation or stuffs like that. I'll just continue living my life as i will.

What might happen if i just forget about everything from the past? Will i be blinded from truth and struggled to get up from this enmity? Thats why, i try to find a reason why i want to continue despite of tough obstacles and hardships. Its not that hard or challenging like u would imagine, but since it came to us constantly and most of the time u werent really prepared for it. That is what happens to most of us people. Sad case, but majority came down broken. Never return from ashes. It is u to decide ur fate after such events occured. Resistance is imminent.

In before, I was a measly fragile soul who wont stand up for a fight. I rely on words and understanding. I try to avoid confrontations as far as I can. But life is much crueler than I expected. I seems to be involved in a conflict at a wrong moment and to a wrong person. In this life, you will encounter surprises and unexpected events. Who would expect that ur whole family that u would trust would turn to be hateful towards u all of a sudden? this happens to me. And unexpected acquaintance which I pre-judged as a highly potential threat to me, has become my greatest ally who pulled me up from this horrible turns of event. No.. this picture is unrelated. Dont think this french talking dude asking if "Dost Thou Even Hoist?" as the ally i mentioned about. this is just merely a teaser of what i will share after this. But 1st thing.. update my new rants and stuffs. I have purged myself this morning to reorganize my blog design n posts. and now i realize...its not as what i seen before. So.. this Google+ or something has messed up my gadgets and all of my mentions and posts all gone. and my header is all shrink in size. So i have to make some adjustments. After careful settings and frustrations. Now i have a peace of mind posting my rants and whatsoever. And u might notice that my writings and language has been changed quiet slightly. Yeah, i do curse words and swears now. No mr. nice guy. I will be damned if theres no F words in my postings. Now i am hereby declare myself as a fierce abusive keyboard mashing troll swag fag bastard that makes no sense what so ever. LOL. ahhh anyway, i will try to back down a bit with all these F words. Ever since i got kicked and drag back and forth from college. I learn much much abuse and fucked up words i never been able to use before. Thanks to my buddies, they all may seems insanely savaged beasts of the wild that i dont even comprehend their existence whether or not they still keep their sane or not. But deep inside, they were all nice people. Nicest people i ever met so far. THEY even teach me to approach Quran and the way of a true muslim should be. with them, i have now risen my effort of going to religious talks and even went to mosque praying together. Sad to know that all the people that has been nice to me before didnt even bother if im not praying or even talk unlikely about religious stuffs. They all looks nice, but i doubt it. their nice attitude, is like a wolf wearing a sheep's hide. Hiding their true faces and waiting to maul down any prey at any moment. Oh welp, might as well continue this rant of mine in more private and specific post. This post, after all been tagged as public. I will keep my swear words in secluded posts and u will have to look for it until u would drop ur jaw after u finds it. Wanna see more of my F words? then try and see if u can find it. hahaha. So then, this is from me for now. Stay alert and keep on tuning. I will keep on updating, if there any reason for u to read my posting duhhh..

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