MG 1/100 scale - RX-0 Destroy Mode


This post is the 2nd part of RX-0 Unicorn Gundam.. continuation of unicorn mode.. so now, we go on towards the cool part.. Destroy Mode! >:D lulz~ i didnt took me that long to edit all those effects, but getting the snapshots are the hardest n longest part of it.. n for ur info, my lens cant focus on to details very much.. i need to get a macro lens soon.. =_= ..uhh, all in all.. i did my very best to capture everything with these lens n make it a masterpiece ( is it? ) hmm, well widout further delay, i present to u all, Unicorn Gundam, Destroy Mode~

actually, im not done with this kit yet.. n since it comes with action base.. i come up with lots of various ideas.. u can see it in one of those pics, where the base is actually use for...office chair? =w=
fuhuhu~ owh, n i didnt get into details with the weapons equipment.. this is just the section where i put RX-0 in different poses n action from the series.. for the weapons n equipments detail, stay tune for my next post! ;)






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