MG 1/100 scale - Crossbone X1 Full-Cloth

This is my 2nd Master Grade Gunpla build, n im sure many people likes this kit because of the awesome looks n equipments.. what makes it cooler is dat it hv this fangs n skulls on his design, plus its face can also opens n closes its hidden fangs as it wills.. of all MG kits, i think this guy gets the most variable choice of weapons from tyranical machete, beam sabers, giant fang-spined beam blade, crossbow n even pirate magnum rifle.. owh, n its weapons can also be seperated or attached to its shoulder joins, hands, hooks n even his feet! i would like to show all of his weapon variations but for now, i jus can barely impose him to hold a big n heavy spined blade on his shoulder.. if i wanna mount all of his weapons n equipments, it takes a lot of pain n patience as u can see that - Crossbone Gundam is surprisingly a bit short n smaller than other 1/100 scale MGs.. =.=" ..considering how huge its weapon has, it dusnt fit its small n tiny appearance.. TT^TT
if u wanna see the comparison between this guy his other fellow, check my next post.. cuz this post is mainly for introduction n stuff.. so be patient kay~ ==,

so heres what u waiting for~ the bad ass lookin guy who fights like a pirate, n looks like a pirate >:D
seriously, i love how cool it looks for the first time.. but.. on 2nd thought, he is far shorter than any other 1/100 kits.. look, he cant even reach RX-0 unicorn's shoulder.. =A="
hmmm, but its ok.. at least his weapons are bad-ass n got lots to choose from.. overall, im satisfied! ==, b

*thumbs up*






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