HG 1/144 scale - Blue Destiny Unit 02

last year, when i played SD gundam G Generation Wars on PS2, i played Amuro as my 1st scout, n dude.. Amuro is a kick ass pilot n also Char.. man, wat a duo.. but, on downside the pilots dat available for purchase is kinda.. mmm, well too out of league to match with enemies frontline.. but, there is 1 pilot dat caught my attention n ultimately changed the position as Master pilot of my team.. n dat is the blue destiny pilot.. Yu Kajima.. his BGM soundtrack in battle animation were supreme, n his stats.. well, not such a kick ass like amuro, n Yu isnt a newtype either.. but the EXAM system function of Blue Destiny unit makes him invincible! he still KO-ed by 3 shots of raketen bazooka by Char's Rick Dom.. but, the Blue Destiny unit is built with high mobility thus makes it hard to hit.. n wuts more, i like the battle animation of destiny units.. when they activated the Exam system.. its like a brutal pawnage, 4 slashes n then head-on vulcans straight to ur enemies faces!! xD

oh, enuff of this over-exaggerative nonsense.. i jus wanna said dat this mobile suit is my favorite, n dats why i bought it.. although its released as HGUC, i still take it back home with me n built it perfectly.. im wishing dat Bandai would make a MG 1/100 scale of these guys n i want the complete missile launcher add-on armor attached! n dat would make my Blue Destiny a Heavy-arms duo~

alrite, on to the fun stuff.. for this kit, i photographed this with light-over exposed theme.. cuz i like it when its blue smooth armor reflects the light from the background.. n i tried to make photos of blue destiny in darkness.. but in turned out really darkened n pixelated.. thus, i decided to use light as the theme, so here it is.. i present to u, Blue Destiny unit 02, ignition!






  1. i also got this destiny unit, but it's not titan. Just an ordinary ver. it's a great kit! Owh, i just wanna comment a bit bout the pix, it's kind of over expose. I think better dim ur lite a bit :)

  2. awesome dude ^-^
    can u share the pics with me? if i could i wanna make my complete destiny team! xD

    owh, hehe .. well, i over expose it for purpose, to hide my washed laundry outside the front yard .. xP